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A dream was given a shape by the promoters way back in the year 1961 and a star was born in the field of manufacturing of CONDUIT PIPES, thus  M/S K.K.INDUSTRIES, manufacturer of KKI brand Conduit Pipes came into existence . Since the inception, the company had been a dynamic and ever growing with firm commitment  in the areas of Quality Management, Quality Product, Customer Needs etc. which has helped us to achieve  the corporate excellence and made us one of the front runner in the business. Our business relations  has earned us client of big names in the field of Thermal Power, Hydro Power, Nuclear Power, Steel, Cement, oil and other major sectors including multinationals  which has helped us to keep our growth curve steeper and steeper year after year. Our B to B relation with our clients has imencely  helped us to venture in other areas.  Beside conduit we are also in the field of manufacturing HDPE Pipe and Rice Milling.


1)      “NO Compromise” Quality Product.

2)      Most Competative Rates.

3)      Loyalty to Customer Relationship.

4)      Human Resource Development.

5)      Innovation In Product Ranges as   Per Clients Requirements.